Software Development Kit (SDK)

ANPR Hub provides advanced and easy-to-use tools for developers who want to build their own systems and integrate them with ANPR Hub.

Capture and recognize the driver’s face

The ANPR Hub is fully integrated with the CCTV camera, and the system can capture and identify the faces in the car and link them to the license plate number.

Automatic recognition of model, brand and color

We have used the most advanced technologies to distinguish the car model and brand between more than 1200 car models + 100 brands in addition to 10 distinctive colors and the recognition accuracy reaches 96%.

Automatic recognition of vehicle classes based on appearance

ANPR Hub is able to automatically identify vehicle categories such as cars, small and large transport, buses, and motorcycles, automatically.

Automatic classification of vehicles based on plate color

ANPR Hub is able to classify the vehicle type by automatically recognizing the colour of the license plate, the system can identify up to 7 different license plate colors.

Recognize handwritten license plates and old license plates

ANPR Hub is characterized by the ability to effectively and accurately identify license plate numbers, even handwritten plates, as well as old plate numbers.


The system sends notifications to e-mail or phone when registered cars pass through the permit list. It also displays the car and driver data in real time on the dashboard.


You can build a database of unwanted or stolen car numbers. The system tracks the plate numbers through the connected cameras and sends a warning when the presence of the warning car is detected.

Parking lot POS

ANPR Hub acts as a complete parking lot management solution. The car plate number and the time of entry are recorded at the parking entrance, then the plate number is read again when accounting and the time period and cost are automatically calculated

Automatic control of electronic gates

The ANPR Hub system can control electronic gates and traffic lights automatically through the integrated control unit.